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Whether you are a first-time patient or a long-time patient, this is what NSPC recommends you bring to each nephrology appointment:

Someone close to you

During your first appointment, you may forget to cover some things, so have a relative or friend with you at your first appointment so they can relay any missing information and their own observations.

Bottles of current medications you take

The bottles allow us to see exactly what your prescription is and what is being filled at your pharmacy. This assists our physicians in creating an accurate treatment plan for you.

The names of all your specialists

NSPC works hand in hand with all of your providers so that we can give you the best care possible. When we have all of your providers on hand, it allows us to easily get in contact with them and share the most updated health information with them.

The name and address of your pharmacy

We want to do our best to make sure we are getting all of your medication to the right pharmacy, so that you never have to miss a dose.

Physical copies of your most recent lab work

Sometimes we can get these from your primary care provider or other providers, but we ask that you try to bring them in just in case. Once we have them, your NSPC provider can examine and discuss the results during your appointment. It also prevents you from having to get extra lab work done.

Your insurance and photo ID

We ask that you bring in physical copies of your insurance card(s) and photo ID so we can scan them into our system. This way, we can prevent any insurance issues that may pop up and get them quickly resolved when they do.

A full bladder (for new patients)

Make sure you are drinking plenty of water, especially the day of your appointment. One of the first things you will be requested to do is provide a urine sample.

Answers to these specific questions:

  • Have you had a COVID vaccine?
  • Have you had your regular flu vaccine?

A positive attitude

Seeing a nephrologist or internist for the first time may feel a little nerve-wracking, but it is the first and necessary step to healthier kidneys. Our providers take the utmost care in understanding your needs and using their expertise to give you and your kidneys a happier life.

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